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Because I'm Often Found in Athleisure

Rain. Dust. Sunshine. Wind. Any condition can be game at the race track.

I am quickly learning that I might as well delete the weather app on my phone when it comes to checking the weather for a race weekend. Race tracks are usually in somewhat remote locations surrounded by forests or farmland which allows for plenty of dusty breezes or rainy gusts of wind - sometimes both! This doesn't mean you can't look cute though ... right?

When packing for a race weekend, I like to bring lightweight layers, flexible pants, and comfortable shoes as some of these tracks are miles long and you've gotta hike to find the best viewing spot.

Our most recent trip was to Montreal, Quebec where we experienced a balmy 72 degree, calm morning and a sticky hot rainstorm in the afternoon followed by a high 60s sunset. I couldn't keep up. I'll be sharing more of the outfits I wore during the trip in another post, but to start, here are the pieces I brought to gamble with.

eryn because | track packing list

01 | long sleeve shirt // similar This one is 100% cotton. With the amount of wear it is getting, I expect it to last just this season or a little longer as the fabric is really lightweight. I don't mind though for an under $20 price point!

02 | light weight sweater (old A&F) // similar

I am loving this sweater because it is perfect for those cool summer nights that the Midwest and apparently, northern Canada bring once the sunsets. Blush is certainly one of the neutrals in my wardrobe so I expect to wear this into fall.

03 | warm rain jacket (old Athleta) // similar // similar

This jacket may have been a bit too heavy for this mid-summer trip but it certainly was a great thing to bring along for the rainstorms. I felt dry and warm as the rain passed through, but was quick to take it off as soon as the sun started peeking through the clouds. Bonus points: this jacket is reversible!

Let me tell you that I searched high and low for a pullover like this one. I wanted a white lightweight jacket that would keep my arms covered from the sun and wind. While this one isn't totally sun or rainproof due to the mesh arms and back, it still does a pretty good job at protecting my body as long as I do a layer of sunscreen first.

05 | chambray (old) // similar

I've had this inexpensive chambray for years! I am pretty sure I picked it up in an Old Navy clearance rack. I love a good chambray shirt as an option to throw on to either switch up an outfit or stay a little warmer during the early morning wake up calls that Mike usually has at the track.

Is that the best name for these? Let me know if you have a better one. Either way, these pants are easily my FAVORITE recent purchase. Athleta has the best collection of classier athleisure clothing for a price that matches the quality, but without breaking the bank. I could go on and on about these pants - they are stretchy which makes them great for hiking around the track or bending down to get a photo of the guys working on the car, they have zip pockets for keeping my phone safe from the elements, and the material is lightweight to wear when it's super hot out but still a great option for afternoon breezes. I plan to get another style soon!

07 | joggers (old A&F) // similar // similar

These joggers are a step up from the pants above as far as warmth. They are a bit thicker material, but still very comfortable. I mean they are like wearing sweatpants that look nicer! Win. Win.

These black wide-legged crop pants are from Everlane and I've seen every gal wearing them. Let's just say: I'm a believer. I love having the option to upgrade my jeans to these black pants to make my outfit a little more interesting. Not to mention, I love how these work now but definitely in fall, too! I plan to get more stuff from Everlane in the near future.

09 | bag // similar

I get tons of compliments on this bag from Madewell. I bought this for our honeymoon in Cape Town to carry my camera and all of the other essentials. I love that it has a zip-top to protect what is in my purse, buttery leather that I've actually taken a nap on at the airport, and a little bit of organization inside. Well worth the investment!

10 | shoes

My NBs are starting to get a little worn, but comfort is still 100%. The white and gold are neutral to go with any outfit and function perfectly for long hours on my feet. I usually bring a rain boot, too, like this pair.

This one's easy: dirty hair. That's all.

What did I miss? Do you have any suggestions for athleisure that cute, comfortable, and functional for the elements?

with joy,



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